About Us

The primary focus of ABC Orthodontics is to provide the people of the Hunter Valley with world-class orthodontic treatment.

Dr Edward Kosy earned a doctorate in orthodontics and has extensive experience in the treatment of juvenile, adolescent, and adult orthodontic problems. In addition, Dr Kosy has been trained in special needs orthodontics, including the management of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), and cleft lip and palate treatment. He participates in continuing education seminars, enabling him to deliver the latest orthodontic technology and techniques to his patients.

ABC Orthodontics is conveniently located in three locations to provide a comprehensive orthodontic service to the Hunter Region. These practices are located in Newcastle, Port Macquarie, and Port Stephens. Appointments for all three locations can be made by calling 1300 794 797. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why choose an orthodontist?

AN Orthodontist is a specialist in the alignment of the teeth and jaws, similar to a cardiologist is a specialist to the heart. To become a qualified orthodontist, a person must:

  • Complete a minimum of 5 years full-time Bachelor of Dentistry
  • Complete a minimum of 2 years as a practicing Dentist
  • Complete a 3 years full-time Master in Orthodontics at an accredited University and
  • Registered as a specialist in Orthodontics by the Dental Board.

By choosing an orthodontist, you can be assured that you have the most qualified person to diagnose, prevent and treat any problems you might have with the alignment of your teeth and jaws. For further details, please see the Australian Society of Orthodontist Website.

The ABC philosophy

ABC Orthodontics follows the philosophy of early intervention and non-extraction therapies. With early intervention, known as orthopaedics, the growth of a child’s jaw is guided to create enough space for the adult teeth to emerge. This pre-treatment can reduce the need for extraction of otherwise perfect, healthy adult teeth.

While many of our patients are children, we also provide orthodontic treatment to adults. Adult orthodontics is a growing field as many adults choose to enhance their oral health and smile. We can correct lifelong irregularities of the teeth, bite, and jaws and related facial abnormalities.

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