Our Relationship with You

Treatment Approach

Dr Ed Kosy is a highly qualified and skilled orthodontist who subscribes to the modern approach to orthodontics, which is to treat the whole face and not just the teeth.

His treatment aim is therefore to give each patient an attractive smile in a balanced face with the teeth well aligned and functioning properly. Dr Kosy sees it as important to spend ample time with the patient and parents to explain the patient’s orthodontic situation and the individual treatment that will yield the best result for the patient.

As part of good orthodontic treatment, and to make the patient’s treatment experience as pleasant as possible, Dr Kosy sees each patient at every visit and encourages patients to speak up about their treatment and any concerns they may have. His excellent treatment outcomes and friendly, relaxed approach in consultations and treatment visits contribute to his good relationships with patients. Dr Kosy and his staff teach the patients good oral hygiene with braces and they monitor and remind patients at every visit. However, he sees the oral health maintenance and instruction that only the patient’s dentist can provide as an essential part of orthodontic treatment. For that reason, he refers patients back to their dentist at regular intervals. While the majority of his patients are children and adolescents, Dr Kosy treats many adults with aesthetic appliances, including Invisalign®, lingual braces and Porcelain/clear braces. Some patients require interdisciplinary treatment that calls for close consultation with the patient’s dentist regarding the overall treatment plan and sequence. Dr Kosy sees good communication with the patient’s dentist regarding all treatment as very important.